About us

Daniel Illman President

Dan has provided the strategic direction and overall leadership to Ashton Road Management and its subsidiaries since 2012. He invested in real estate on his own for years prior to becoming president of the Ashton Road Management Dan is a part-time fire captain, a former soldier and truck driver turned internet marketer, business coach, real estate investing coach and investor.

He likes strategic board games-Axis and Allies, is a Sci-Fi fan and an avid reader. He grew up in Fenelon Falls and currently lives in Holland Landing. He has graduated from George Brown College, Humber College, Northern College, the Ontario Fire College and Seneca College as well as Dalhousie University and Texas A&M University.

He has been involved with managing real estate investment properties since 2009. He is the author of the book “How to Invest in Real Estate like the Rich Kids’ Parents do.” (Amazon).


Laura Illman Secretary-Treasurer
She has volunteered with ST John Ambulance since 1995 and she works as a paramedic since 2003 She is the proud mother of two energetic children, Roland and Scarlet 4 and 2.

As if she wasn’t busy enough already, she is currently trying her hand as an entrepreneur as a casualty simulator.


Laura has been involved with managing real estate investment properties since 2009. Laura and I still remain in a business relationship with our joint venture partners in a rent to own home located in Stony Creek bought in 2012.

Our office

  • Ashton Road Management Inc.
    234 East Street,
    Holland Landing, ON L9N 1K8

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